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We continue to get email about whether In-N-Out should sell a veggie burger, an issue that has come to the fore because of an online petition to that effect. One MNB user wrote:

I've had some great veggie burgers here and there.  Imagine if In-n-out decided to do it, and make it "the best ever" for the very reason that your commenter made, that it helps broaden the appeal of the restaurant to patron groups that have mixed veg and nonveg preferences.

The very old and now defunct American Cafe in DC (once owned by WR Grace Co. because they were an innovator in terms of what is now called sous vide) had the best vegetarian chili I've ever had.  I always thought it tasted as if it were meat based.

Creating a veggie burger that good totally fits in with the In-n-Out Burger ethos of fresh and very very tasty food.

On another subject, from another reader:

While I won’t be one to bet against on-line grocery sales, knowing that people living in big cities and working long hours don’t have time for shopping, I think there is also a movement the other way going on at the same time.  Most Saturday mornings, I drove to the Easton (PA) Farmer’s Market.  Opened in 1752, it is America’s longest continuously Run Open Air market (or so they say).  But in the last few years, I’ve seen more and more Farmer’s Markets pop up.  Now we also have a few indoor, year-round public markets (Easton and Stockton, NJ).  I love the ability to walk the vendors, see what looks good that day and take it home to prepare a meal.  I can’t get that from an on-line grocer.  I can’t touch, feel and smell the produce, see the actual piece of meat or fish I’m buying or taste samples.  And it’s not just here that I do this.  Traveling a decent amount, I’ve gone out of my way to make visiting local food markets as part of a way to get a feel for the local foods.  The Jean-Talon Market in Montreal is absolutely incredible.  I’ve done markets in Paris, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Philly, LA and Boston. 
So, while I won’t be betting against on-line grocers, I am also not counting out the impact of local markets and farmers markets.  I guess when you think about it that way, it’s probably part of the reason some grocers, like A&P and Haggen are no longer with us.

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