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KMOV-TV News reports that unionized Schnucks employees have soundly rejected a new contract offer from the retailer, with 89 percent of those represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) saying "no" to a three year contract that would affect 52 of the company's Missouri stores. However, the union also said it would like to return to the bargaining table, and that the rejection would not assure a strike.

According to the story, "Many who voted 'no' said they are concerned about the potential loss of healthcare benefits and potential problems for part-time workers. Even though they are concerned about what a strike would bring, they said they are ready to fight for their benefits."

In a prepared statement, Chairman/CEO Todd Schnuck said, “Our goal remains the same - to deliver a proposal that meets the needs of our teammates while keeping our business competitive against non-union grocers and stores that sell food, and this includes some of the world's largest companies."
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