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USA Today reports that a petition is circulating online "demanding that fast-food chain In-N-Out add a veggie burger option on its menu." There are more than 28,000 signatures on the petition thus far, with the originators saying they are hoping for 35,000 signatures before they present it to Lynsi Snyder, president of In-N-Out.

The petition suggests that In-N-Out has "let fans down by failing to serve anything that would satisfy a burger-loving customer who wants a healthy, humane and sustainable option.”

The story notes that other fast food chains - such as Chipotle, Whitecastle and Burger King - offer veggie options.
KC's View:
This is an interesting case. On the one hand, a business wants to be responsive to customers. On the other, part of what makes In-N-Out so unique is that it is extremely focused on a specific category, and it is most definitely not White Castle or Burger King. (Trust me on this. Recently, on a road trip, Michael Sansolo and I stopped at a White Castle out of some sort of weird desire to recapture our culinary past. Not long afterwards, we agreed that it was a day that we'd always remember as the last day we ever ate at White Castle. But I digress...)

I think my response to this, if I were CEO of In-N-Out, would be to say that we love our customers, but that veggie burgers is not what we do. You can;t respond to every petition ... or pretty soon, In-N-Out will be serving yogurt smoothies, veggie fries, tofu burgers and spinach quiche ... if enough people signed petitions.

Besides, it has not been my experience that not having veggie burgers seems to be hurting business at In-N-Out...