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Reuters reports that Target's chief digital officer, Jason Goldberger, has left the company, a shakeup that comes "as its rivals gear up to better compete with Amazon. Wal-Mart Stores Inc last month splashed out over $3 billion to acquire e-commerce startup Jet."

Goldberger's role, the story says, will be split between Chief Information Officer Mike McNamara, who will be responsible for the website and digital strategy, and Chief Merchandising Officer Mike Tritton, who "will take over the pricing and promotional functions of the job."
KC's View:
I cannot help but think that this represents a fundamental lack of understanding of how important the digital channel is, and how critical it is to have someone at the helm who understands its specific challenges and opportunities. Now, maybe the argument is that by splitting up the responsibilities between two existing executives you manage to integrate online more effectively into the broader business ... but unless McNamara and Tritton were underworked in their jobs, it is hard to imagine that Target's digital efforts are going to get the care and nurturing they deserve.

We'll see...