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The Private Label Manufacturing Association (PLMA) is out with a new survey that suggests that the best way to attract millennial shoppers is with differentiated fresh departments, and reveals that "millennials love food but want food done their way. Fresh and healthy foods are at the top of their shopping lists, while prepared and portable foods are also very popular."

One of the more interesting things about the study is the suggestion that "contrary to expectations, these (millennial) shoppers are more loyal to their favorite stores than their parents. Nine of 10 do their regular grocery shopping in only one or two stores. This represents a dramatic departure from recent PLMA studies that saw consumers spreading their shopping among a multiplicity of stores.

"This loyalty has important implications for store brands," PLMA argues (naturally). "As they select products, millennials are well informed about brands, including store brands, and where foods come from. Nine of 10 say they are aware of the ingredients in the food products they eat and three of four read the nutritional labels on products. Their awareness of store brands and national brands is virtually the same at 84% vs. 86%."
KC's View:
One of the things that seems evident to me is that millennials are sort of hard-wired to buy the stuff that is non-differentiated online, because it doesn't really matter where those kinds of products come from. Then, they'll choose bricks-and-mortar stores for the stuff that is more differentiated, especially fresh items. This just makes sense, and seems perfectly lined up with the millennial mentality.