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The Boston Business Journal reports that Beantown area Whole Foods stores are partnering with a local startup, Baroo, to offer pet concierge services out of a mobile truck.

According to the story, "The truck offers on-site services ranging from baths, coat brushings, nail trims and other grooming services," but this is no small venture. "The startup, which says it offers high quality pet services ranging from in-home pet sitting to feedings, walks, playdates and nail trimmings, has raised $1.12 million out of a planned $2.7 million, according to a recent regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The groomers and pet caregivers that Baroo works with are required to complete an FBI background check and are also bonded and insured."

Baroo also does business in Washington, DC, and Chicago, but does not have a Whole Foods connection in those markets. Yet.
KC's View:
Needing to find people who have passed an FBI background check to arrange play dates for one's pet is what I call a first world problem...

But hey ... if it gets more people to shop at Whole Foods, that's not a bad thing. And to be honest, if I could drop off my dogs at a mobile truck for a quick bath and nail trimming while I did my food shopping, that might influence which store I choose to patronize.