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Yesterday, referring to the need for retailers to focus on both bricks-and-mortar stores and e-commerce, as well as appeal to both people with kids who are the center of the marketing target and millennials who have different needs and interests, I wrote:

It strikes me as critical to do all this stuff ... sort of like the guy who used to spin plates on the old "Ed Sullivan Show."

Now, I got several emails about this metaphor.

MNB user Larry Owens wrote:

Wow, Kevin, you just dated yourself big time!  I wonder how many of your readers remember the spinning plates guy or Topo Gigio as well as you and I do.

And MNB reader Jim DeLuca wrote:

Wow, you must be older than your writing and opinions indicate. Plate spinning indeed...

I think that's a compliment.

Anyway, I thought that in the interest of educating MNB readers not familiar with the metaphor, I ought to show you a video. Which you can see at left ... in a TV clip from a long time ago, when the TV universe was a very different place.


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