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Amazon announced over the weekend that for the first time it will allow shoppers to buy Prime memberships as gifts.

Amazon Prime is the highly successful service that offers two-day shipping on purchases for $79 per year, plus access to Amazon's various streaming services.
KC's View:
The only thing that surprises me about this is that Prime has been around since 2005 (that's when I bought in), and it is only being made available for gift-giving purposes now.

Because for retailing purposes, this is the equivalent of allowing consumers to give heroin as a gift. It'll create an entire new group of people who are addicted to Prime, and who will buy their own memberships when the gift runs out. Because once you've had Prime, you can't live without it. And experience tells Amazon that its Prime customers are more frequent and profitable customers.

BTW … just for the hell of it, I placed an order on Amazon on Friday. It showed up on Sunday, compliments of the USPS and its new deal with Amazon (and for no extra charge). And I'll tell you this - there is no doubt in my mind that FedEx and UPS are going to have to offer Sunday delivery, because once you've had it, the concept just makes sense.