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Forbes has a piece in which Andy Sussman, President of Minute Clinic and SVP, Associate Chief Medical Officer of CVS Caremark, talks about how the walk-in clinic "has become a rapidly emerging trend" that not only has reshaped his business, but also "could help eliminate more that 50 percent of the primary care physician shortage that the U.S. is expected to face by 2025."

Sussman notes that "MinuteClinic is still in investment mode. As you can imagine, we’re doing this massive expansion around the country, and we’re see very brisk growth in revenue upwards of 30% a year in the last five years, which obviously contributes to the overall enterprise."

But, he adds, "A RAND-sponsored study showed that our care was equal in quality to physician’s offices, emergency rooms and urgent care clinics — and 40-80% less expensive."

Forbes writes that there currently "are 743 MinuteClinics in the nation — with a goal of 800 by the end of this year and 1500 by 2017. The total number of walk-in medical clinics "is expected to increase from about 1,400 in 2012 to more than 2,800 by 2015 and save $800 million per year in overall healthcare expenditures, according to a recent Accenture report."
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