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Amazon said this morning that it will begin its Black Friday promotions a day earlier this year than last year - on Sunday, November 24 - and will feature new deals as often as every 10 minutes.

Craig Berman, Vice President, Amazon Global Communications, said that "beginning this Sunday, customers can expect to find a new deal every 10 minutes, including electronics, toys, books, movies, tools and much more - and all these deals can be scooped up from the comfort of home or while on the go through our mobile shopping app."
KC's View:
When I read this story, all I could think of was that it illustrates why so many retailers feel they have to open up on Thanksgiving, and move the holiday shopping season earlier and earlier. I'm not saying that opening on Thanksgiving is the most effective way to compete…just that I understand the motivation.

This shows the power of Amazon … because not only can it offer deals every 10 minutes, but it also conceivably can offer targeted deals that are based on specific consumers' previous shopping behavior. That can be enormously effective.