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All Things D reports that job listings from Amazon seem to suggest that the online retailer "is in the process of creating its own line of the kind of products that you’d normally find on supermarket shelves … One of the listings, for a financial analyst, mentioned the 'launch of the Private Label Business in Consumables.' In another, for a 'Senior Product Manager, Consumables Private Label,' Amazon said it is looking for the new hire to help 'launch new high quality Amazon-branded products to our global customers'."

The story notes that Amazon is not commenting on the listings and their implications, and that it is unclear "whether Amazon will target its own brands at just one product type — say, diapers or snacks — or across all of the categories."

Amazon has had its virtual toe in the private label waters for some time. "A few years ago," All Things D writes, "Amazon launched Pinzon, its own brand of sheets and towels. It also sells a private label called AmazonBasics, which includes products such as batteries, keyboards and USB cords. But the company hasn’t aggressively marketed the private-label brands in recent years and rarely mentions them in media appearances or on analyst calls."
KC's View:
Not surprised by this at all. In fact, I think I've been predicting it … simply because in categories where it makes sense, an Amazon private label offering might be compelling … especially because price transparency on the site makes comparison shopping very easy. It won't work in every category …. but if Amazon is smart about this, and really goes after the segment with lots of lowball pricing and sampling, I can see it having an impact.