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The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) is out with a new survey concluding that "three in five (62%) consumers want to see more hybrid-electric vehicles over the next decade, two in five (43%) want to see more battery electric vehicles and one in three want to see more fuel cell (34%), natural gas, (31%) or flex fuel vehicles (30%)."

Furthermore, they say they're willing to invest in this technology during the coming decade: "Three in four (74%) would consider buying a hybrid electric, and three in five would consider purchasing a flex fuel (62%), fuel cell (58%) or battery electric vehicle (58%). Half of consumers would consider a natural gas powered vehicle (53%)."

However, the green that seems to be motivating these consumers has less to do with the environment than cold hard cash: "Two in three consumers say the switch to an alternative fuel would be driven primarily by economic enticements, rather than environmentalism. Economic factors such as increased fuel efficiency or tax breaks are more important than environmental factors for those considering diesel, flex fuel, hybrid electric, propane, fuel cell, natural gas and battery electric vehicles (79%, 75%, 73%, 71%, 68%, 67%, 65%, respectively)."
KC's View:
Ultimately, it does not matter if people are thinking about the economy or the environment when they go for more fuel-frugal cars. It'll be good for both.