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The Nielsen Co. is out with a new survey about the upcoming end-of-year holiday shopping season, revealing:

• "Nearly 50% of consumers say they will shop online this Cyber Monday, a 16 point increase from 2012."

• "51% say they will do their Black Friday shopping online – Black Friday might be merging with Cyber Monday as consumers search for deals in comfort."

• "Big ticket items top the list such as electronics like phones, computers, laptops, iPads and eReaders (70%), apparel (59%) and toys (46%).

• "Nearly a quarter (22%) of US consumers report that they have already started their holiday shopping.

• "US consumer sentiment is at its highest point in 5 years: 98 on the Nielsen Consumer Confidence Index but consumers are still feeling the sting of the recession and of rising inflation."
KC's View:
Count me among the people who have already started doing a bit of holiday shopping … who will not go anywhere near a store on Thanksgiving weekend (and never have, though Mrs. Content Guy used to when the kids were little) … who probably will spend very little, if any, time shopping online during the days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday … but who has no intention of being unplugged on Thanksgiving (because there is football to watch, perhaps movie to see, friends and family to call or text or email).