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CNBC reports that in an interview on "Squawk Box" last week, Whole Foods co-CEO Walter Robb said that "consumers won't find any foods with artificial trans fats in Whole Foods Market stores."

The comment came after the US Food and Drug Administration last week proposed the virtual banning of artificial trans fats, saying they were a public health hazard.

Robb said that "as time progresses more and more of these sorts of issues are going to come out, where you're going to see the linkage between some of these preservatives and ingredients and the quality of the food."

Variety reports that while Dish Network announced last week that it will close down its chain of 300 Blockbuster video rental stores, as well as its DVD-by-mail business, by early next year, it sent out tweets last week saying that it would stop renting movies last weekend, and would begin liquidating its inventory starting this Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Kmart "plans to begin lease-to-own financing at its stores during the holiday shopping season … The 'no credit-required' program will apply to merchandise that costs at least $150."

I keep asking myself … would I ever actually buy anything at a Kmart that cost more than $150? Heck, I'm not sure I'd spent $15 at Kmart…
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