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• The Cincinnati Business Courier has an interview with Dave Dillon, the Kroger CEO who will retire from that role at the end of the year and be succeeded by current COO Rodney McMullen.

Asked about his legacy, Dillon said, "I view it as being part of a team that led us through one of the many transitions the company has gone through. I’ve often said food retailing is a team sport, and I’m part of the team." And, he added, "If I haven’t accomplished what I wanted to after 10-and-a-half years, then shame on me."

That's what has made Kroger so formidable. It isn't all about the people at the top. It's about the stores, and the team.

• Walmart may have gotten a lot of attention in Washington, DC, with its move to build a number of stores there (which then resulted in an unsuccessful move by some to force it to pay more than the minimum wage to its employees, which also got a lot of notice), but its not the only retail chain that sees the nation's capital as a place of opportunity.

• The Chicago Tribune reports that Safeway-owned Dominick's is warning that the closure of its stores at the end of the year could result in the layoff of more than 5,600 employees.

Safeway announced that it would either sell or close the stores by December 28, after years of market share declines. Four stores have been sold to Jewel, and there are reports about various competitors circling the chain with plans to bid on groups of stores, but at this point there remain 68 stores for which there are not yet any clear plans.

• The Washington Post reports that less than two weeks "after reaching a deal to open a store in a $443 million development on New Jersey Avenue SE near Nationals Park, the grocer’s regional president said the chain has signed a lease to open another on H Street NE between 6th and 7th streets," that "will be the high-end grocer’s fifth and sixth in the District."

And, the retailer says it is still actively eyeing other sites there - including one at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center that Wegmans long has coveted.
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