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• Looking to generate more traffic and, presumably, more membership fees, Walmart has launched a Groupon promotion for its Sam's Club chain - $45 for a membership that normally would cost $85.14 (a 47 percent discount), plus a $20 gift card, and vouchers for "rotisserie chicken and apple pie, scalloped potatoes, and $200 in savings offers."

• The Los Angeles Times reports that a Walmart store in Paramount, California, was the location for a small labor protest yesterday as roughly 100 people gathered there to call for higher wages; included in the group were 20 employees who were on strike from Walmart stores in the region, as well as other California employees who were on their day off.

According to the story, "the event was planned by several labor groups, including Our Walmart and the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy. Organizers called it a precursor to the holidays and accused Wal-Mart of paying low wages and manipulating workers’ schedules in retaliation for labor activism."
KC's View:
Not to be cavalier about this, but the protest sounds a little underwhelming. Walmart probably is not quaking in its corporate boots.

As for the Groupon offering … well, more and more it seems like the Bentonville Behemoth is just throwing stuff against the wall to see what works.