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• The Huffington Post reports that "at least eight people were sickened after eating sandwiches at Denver-area Jimmy John's that were contaminated with E. Coli bacteria. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration are all investigating the outbreak, which has been positively linked to three restaurants in Colorado's Denver-metro area. But none of the restaurants are being closed, nor are they being publicly identified because the restaurants are not believed to be at fault … The FDA is currently conducting tests to see where the contaminated produce came from."

• Sears-owned Lands' End announced yesterday that it will offer holiday shoppers free standard shipping on all orders over $50, and also will offer two-day shipping for $5.

According to the announcement, Lands' End previously "only offered free shipping on purchases over $50 as part of yearly promotions, and customers were required to enter a code in order to redeem the discount. Not only will customers now save money on shipping, but the site has also been updated to simplify the checkout experience. Customers will no longer have to enter a promotion code, and shipping preferences can be easily selected."

The announcement probably should have read, "Lands' End, the only profitable or even mildly desirable part of Sears Holdings…"

• Safeway Inc. announced that it has completed the sale of the net assets of Canada Safeway ULC (formerly Canada Safeway Limited) to Sobeys Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Empire Company Limited.

• The Detroit Free Press reports that Kellogg Co. plans to cut its global workforce by seven percent over the next four years, part of what is described as "an effort to cut costs, with the cereal maker citing weaker-than-expected sales for the third quarter of 2013."
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