business news in context, analysis with attitude has a piece about Peapod, the e-grocery company that has been in business for more than two decades, and how "looking at Peapod's challenges and successes could be a window into how Amazon and Walmart, companies with massive resources, could evolve their services." At the very least, the story says, the competition among the three - and other players - certainly seems likely to heat up.

"Lots of people are looking at this business," Peapod COO Mike Brennan tells CNet. "We're the biggest, but that hasn't gone unnoticed. There are more companies looking into this space. We have a persistent paranoia. We have to make sure we're innovating and developing new ideas and try to push forward."

According to the story, "Brennan said Peapod, which was founded in 1989, has the benefit of being the oldest online grocer, so the company has had more time to understand the ups and downs of the business. This includes the obstacles around the delivery, particularly during the winter when weather is harsh, and the storage of food before it goes out … Peapod has found success on mobile by letting customers create shopping lists from their smartphones and order groceries with a tap of a button. Walmart has yet to deliver a standalone Walmart-To-Go app, but AmazonFresh, like Peapod, is available through both iOS and Android." Indeed, Brennan says that "30 percent of Peapod's orders come from mobile."
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