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The Chicago Sun Times reports that "Kraft says it plans to remove artificial dyes from three macaroni and cheese varieties that come in kid-friendly shapes, a move that comes as people increasingly reach for foods they feel are natural. The company says that the the change won't affect the taste.

According to the story, Kraft also says that "the revamped recipes aren’t a response to a petition on that asked it to remove artificial dyes from its famous macaroni and cheese kits. That petition, which was posted in March, had more than 348,000 signatures on Thursday."
KC's View:
I love it when companies make significant changes, and then say that they were not affected by the grass roots efforts - often via social media - that called for these precise changes.

I love it. But I don't believe it. Not for a moment.

I actually think that Kraft would be a lot smarter to say, "Consumers talked. We listened. They made a good case. So we made a change." Rather than deny that they were influenced, they ought to say thank you … because it meant that some consumers were so invested in the brand that they were willing to make their voices heard.

Where I come from, that's a good thing.