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City Wire reports that Walmart announced yesterday that it is promoting 25,000 employees around the country to "jobs with higher pay and more responsibility during its fourth quarter, for a total of  160,000 promotions accomplished this fiscal year."

Walmart executives were said to traveling the country to announce the promotions in person at stores.

“Our success from day one is a direct result of our associates and the hard work they do in taking care of our customers. We are proud to provide our people with additional employment opportunities and greater economic security for their families,” Walmart US CEO Bill Simon said in a statement.

However, not everyone saw the promotions as a positive sign. The story notes that the company's critics were quick to say that "the move is a response to claims that the retailer has cut hours for full time workers and has a large number of employees who make less than $25,000 a year."
KC's View:
They say that this is just a public relations move like it is a bad thing. Well, I can think of 25,000 employees and a bunch more family members who think that Christmas came early this year.

Is this an attempt to address an image problem? Certainly it is, at least to some extent. But isn't that what companies with an image problem are supposed to do?