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MarketWatch reports that Amazon's book publishing business - designed as a kind of private label publishing initiative that would produce physical books that would be sold in traditional bookstores as well as on Amazon, and e-books that could be sold for the Kindle - seems to be showing very little traction.

"The business does not even merit much, if any, attention from Wall Street. On its earnings call last week with investors, not one analyst asked how the publishing business was doing and it was not mentioned in any analyst reports available to MarketWatch."

In addition, the story notes, Larry Kirshbaum, the publishing executive hired by Amazon to run the business, will depart the company early next year.

MarketWatch writes that "the biggest problem may be that many booksellers all around the U.S., especially rival Barnes & Noble, are for the most part, not selling the physical books published under Amazon’s imprints. The animosity between booksellers, who feel Amazon has completely up-ended the book publishing industry and driven some books stores out of business with its lower prices, has come back to haunt the e-commerce giant.
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