business news in context, analysis with attitude reports that Walmart has decided to shut down its subscription snack food program, called “Goodies,” about a year after launching the effort, which was seen as a response to’s Subscribe & Save program.

The story says that Walmart is informing subscribers that it will shut the service down after this month’s deliveries.

When Walmart launched Goodies officially - after several months of testing - in November 2012, it offered, for $7 a month gift boxes filled with five to eight food samples ranging from healthy and organic to artisan and ethnic. The concept had been developed by the company’s @WalmartLabs division.
KC's View:
I never really understood the Goodies program, because it just seemed like such a piddly effort compared to what Amazon does with Subscribe & Save. To me, it suggested a desire on the part of Walmart to dip its toe into the water without actually taking the risk of getting wet.