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• Interesting statistic from Bloomberg Businessweek: “In the race for commercial solar power, Wal-Mart is killing it. The company now has almost twice as much capacity as second-place Costco. A better comparison: Wal-Mart is converting more sun into energy than 38 U.S. states.”

• In a related story, the Portland Business Journal reports on how Walmart is working with Portland State University in Oregon on “green roof research.”

According to the story, “The two-year partnership with Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will allow PSU’s Green Building Research Laboratory to study the way the roof filters rainwater, enhances energy efficiency, mitigates heat island issues and improves wildlife habitat on a 40,000-square-foot installation.

“The team will embed sensors and a weather station on Walmart’s new Hayden Island Meadows store along with vegetation. The balance of the Walmart roof will have a 52,000-square-foot white membrane roof for comparison purposes.”

Full disclosure: KC is an adjunct faculty member at Portland State University’s Center for Retail Leadership.

• Kristopher Oswald, the Michigan man who was fired by Walmart for violating company policy when he intervened in a parking lot dispute where a woman was being attacked by her boyfriend, only to be offered his job back when criticism of the firing swept through social media, has decided to say thanks, but no thanks.

“I believe my job was only offered to me because of the negative publicity they received," Oswald said, noting that he has concerns about his safety if he goes back to work there.

Walmart, for its part, says that it will provide Oswald with security if he comes back to work, and concedes that his firing was a mistake. “His position is still open to him now if he wants to come back to the store. We'd welcome him back," company spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan says.
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