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I'm not sure how many people outside the New York metropolitan area will "get" this, but I'd like to take note of the passing of Bill Mazer, a longtime NY-area sportscaster who passed away this week at age 92, at an assisted living facility in Danbury, Ct. He was a 60-year broadcasting veteran, on radio and television, and was known for an encyclopedic knowledge of sports trivia ... and, I think, an enthusiasm for the games and personalities of sports that never, ever dimmed. (I met him several times. I worked in a clothing store with his son, Arnie. And I vividly remember a fitness crusade he was on back in the sixties, and how I went to a bowling alley as a participant.)

I mention all this for a simple reason. I think it is worth noting the contributions of old lions who roar as long as they can ... maybe because I hope I'll be one of them.
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