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Kantar Retail is out with its annual price point survey, concluding that for the second year in a row Dollar General has "narrowly" beaten out Walmart Supercenters.

The Opening Price Point (OPP) survey, the company says, "determines how select retailers meet the grocery and consumable needs of shoppers looking for the lowest shelf prices to fulfill their basket requirements.

"According to Kantar Retail, Dollar General’s total basket was the least expensive among retailers surveyed, edging out Walmart Supercenter’s basket by just $0.12 ... Conversely, Target’s total OPP basket was the most expensive, registering 48% more than Dollar General’s basket and 12% greater than the next highest-priced competitor, Aldi."

Kantar says that "this represents a substantial closing of the gap in the survey conducted last year, when Dollar General’s basket of OPP items was 18% cheaper than Walmart's. The edible grocery and HBA sub-baskets drove Dollar General’s basket lead over Walmart. And while Walmart’s basket came in a close second overall, it recorded the least expensive non-edible sub-basket by a sizable margin."

Kantar says that it "selected 21 categories across the edible grocery, non-edible grocery, and HBA segments ... All data was collected in the southern New Hampshire/northern Massachusetts area in October 2013. For each retailer, Kantar Retail assessed the lowest price point available to the shopper in that category."
KC's View:
No surprise here that Walmart, which has had its own problems lately, is working to get tougher in terms of price. But I do wonder if the picture might look different if the canvas were a little wider.