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The Seattle Times reports that Canada's Loblaw Companies said yesterday that "it will provide long-term financial assistance to the surviving victims and families ... that were producing our apparel at the New Wave Style factory in Rana Plaza, one of five manufacturing plants in the Dhaka plaza that collapsed, killing more than 1,100 workers on April 24."

No dollar amount has been provided.

According to the story, "Following the accident, Loblaw signed a five-year pact to improve fire and building safety in Bangladesh. The company also has donated $1 million to Bangladesh-based charities.

KC's View:
I absolutely believe that for both moral and public relations reasons, companies need to take responsibility for the conditions that often are found in these third-world factories where human safety seems to be a low priority. It's the right thing to do ... and besides, if they don't, their apparent exploitation of workers (or, at least, profiting from the exploitation of workers there), it will be a major talking point in social media.