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CNN reports that Walmart is hoping to capitalize on Apple's release of a new iPad line by announcing that "customers can now trade in their old tablets for new at any of its 3,600 stores nationwide ... Wal-Mart said shoppers can get up to $300 for their current tablet, depending on the model. The credit can then be used toward the purchase of a new device ... The new tablet plan echoes a smartphone trade in program that Wal-Mart launched last month, soon after Apple unveiled the IPhone 5S and 5C models."

Bloomberg reports that Walmart "plans to add as many as 110 stores over three years in China," but also expects "to shutter up to 30 under-performing outlets over the next 18 months."

The story notes that Walmart "faces several hurdles in China including intense competition from local chains and a lack of scale that makes it harder to offer lower prices than wet markets."
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