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...with brief, occasional, italicized and sometimes gratuitous commentary... has an interview with Campbell Soup president/CEO Denise Morrison in which she says, “I believe women need to take charge. I don’t know if it’s unique to women or not, but I do know that women think that they join a company, and the company will take care of them, as opposed to taking charge."

According to the story, "Morrison often reminds young women that 'networking is working ... I don’t know if women really appreciate how important that is. But if you step back and you say, ‘Yes, we’re strategic about brands, and we’re strategic about companies, now is the time for women to be strategic about themselves.’  And I believe that they’ll have much better outcomes in terms of advancement.”

“People talk a lot about work life balance, “ Morrison adds.  “I always thought that set up a false expectation, because life is a balancing act.  What I talk to younger women about is the importance of work life integration.”

Crain's Chicago Business reports that "Kraft Foods Group Inc. is in advanced talks to open a 30,000-square-foot office on North Michigan Avenue, continuing the trend of suburban corporations looking to open downtown outposts to attract younger employees ... Kraft would lease the top two floors of the 35-story tower at 401 N. Michigan Ave., where its marketing team and employees would sometimes work, according to people familiar with the transaction ... If completed, the deal would give Kraft's marketing team close access to advertising and marketing firms, many of which are based in River North or along North Michigan Avenue. More important than the convenience, commercial real estate brokers say, it would create a downtown hub for recruiting."

This is interesting, because it speaks to how companies have to behave in order to attract young employees who want something different out of their careers.
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