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In Minnesota, the Star Tribune reports that Hormel, "seeking to capitalize on America’s obsession with bacon' has "turned to the imaginations of independent filmmakers and asked them to ­create odes to the timeless product that today is being used to flavor seemingly everything, from martinis to lip balm."

The results were on display last week at an event Hormel called the 2013 International Bacon Film ­Festival ... not to mention on YouTube. According to the story, "Hormel received more than 130 entries and the films have drawn about 500,000 views on YouTube."

You can see the entries here.

The winner was "Portrait of a Bacon Enthusiast" (the filmmaker got an $11,000 grand prize), followed by "The Bacon and the Sea," and "We Will Still Be Eating."
KC's View:
These movies may not make the sequel to "The Big Picture." But that doesn't mean they aren't entertaining .... and they also reinforce our central message, that telling a story is the best way to spread a message.