business news in context, analysis with attitude said yesterday that it is raising the minimum purchase to qualify for free shipping from $25 to $35. It is the first change to the rate in a decade.

According to CNN, "Amazon now finds itself in the mid-range of major retailers that offer free shipping on online orders. Wal-Mart and Target offer free shipping on many purchases of over $50, while Best Buy's minimum order is $25.
Earlier this year, had warned that its shipping costs were going to increase during the holiday season."

The New York Times writes: "When Super Saver Shipping began, it was an innovation. It helped spark the movement to cheap or free shipping by all online retailers, and cemented Amazon’s reputation as a cutthroat competitor."

Amazon customers who are members of its Prime program will continue to get unlimited two-day shipping for a $79 annual fee.
KC's View:
I'm aware of the irony of this, seeing as how I've been writing so much lately about how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is so consumer-oriented, focusing more on Main Street than Wall Street.

But Amazon warned us that this was coming, and I don't see it as a big deal - especially coming during the holidays, when orders probably are going to be bigger.

Besides, this may also have the effect of driving more people to Prime ... which only is good for Amazon.