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CityWire reports that Walmart in the US is using HEB as a benchmark for how it wants to be better at fresh foods, with Jack Sinclair, executive vice president of the grocery division at Walmart US, saying that "HEB is the best food retailer in the world, particularly on fresh.”

According to the story, Walmart has opened a store in San Antonio "to work with HEB vendors to learn how to do fresh better, specifically meat and produce."

The story notes that HEB are very different retailers: "HEB isn't always the least expense grocer in its market, but it is a strong favorite throughout south Texas, rolling out hot baked bread every hour for 99 cents a loaf. Many stores have a fresh sushi bar and cooking center with chefs on staff that provide hot meals to go. The produce department at HEB offers a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables, locally sourced including a broad assortment of organically grown items."
KC's View:
While HEB takes Walmart very seriously - and should - I think that the company also has a kind of secret sauce that Walmart never will be able to approximate.

But I also think that while HEB is a legendary and iconic retailer, the folks there are smart enough to know that they were only legendary and iconic yesterday. Today, they have to earn it all over again.