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The Boston Globe reports that Staples has conducted its fourth annual Flu Season Survey, which concludes that close to nine out of 10 employees are so worried about keeping their jobs that they will go to work even when sick - up from 80 percent who said the same thing a year ago, and 60 percent who said so in 2011.

“Flu season poses a big problem for businesses - each year it causes an estimated 70 million missed workdays and billions in lost office productivity. It’s critical that both employees and employers take notice and promote healthier habits,” says Lisa Hamblet, vice president for facility solutions at Staples Advantage.
KC's View:
I think the fragile economy plays a role, but I also think that management at some companies plays a role in this. The people who come to work when sick - even if it hurts productivity overall because it gets other people sick - often are the people who feel like they are a cost to the company, rather than assets. You feel like an asset, you feel like the company has invested in you, and you think long-term and strategically.