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• The International Business Times reports that British eyebrows have been raised and stiff upper lips made to tremble by a report that "half of all bakery goods, 40 percent of apples, one-quarter of grapes, one-fifth of bananas and two-thirds of produce grown from salads are either thrown out or go to waste every year in Britain. The scale of wasted food in the United Kingdom came to light in a report issued by grocery retail chain Tesco PLC and the Waste and Resources Action Program, a British non-profit that seeks to cut waste in the food supply chain.

According to the story, "Tesco admitted that some 28,500 metric tons (almost 63 million lbs) of food were wasted inside its own supermarkets and distribution centers in just the first half of this year. Wasted food is also believed to cost the average British family some £700 ($1130) annually, according to Tesco."

Tesco has pledged to address the problem, "including a cessation of its 'multi-buy offers' on big bags of salad, removing the 'display until' dates on fresh fruits and vegetables, and re-arranging its bakeries to cut down on the amount of bread displayed for public viewing. Tesco added, however, that food it could not sell was donated to poverty charity FareShare, or was converted into animal feed for livestock, or recycled into renewable fuel."
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