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• In the American League Championship Series, the Boston Red Sox defeated the Detroit Tigers 4-3, taking a 3-2 game lead in the best-of-seven series.

• In the National Football League last night, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Arizona Cardinals 34-22.
KC's View:
I got criticized - with some justification - last week for not reporting WNBA scores, but that led to an email from reader Gary Butler about another perceived lapse...

I know you only report on the sports you like and I can understand that….however you are missing the movement on soccer and world cup momentum.  The world/USA has changed and I hope you can change as well when it comes to soccer.  That’s a big eye-opener.

I think I have mentioned the World Cup finals from time to time, but to be honest, I have to put some limits on what I include in my sports reports. I love baseball most of all, but only report on playoff games. I only report on regular season football games because the NFL has such a relatively limited schedule. (Every once in a while I even get emails asking me why I don't report on college football and basketball games. Oy!)

I'm doing my best here. But you got one thing right ... mostly, I write about the stuff that interests me. And I haven't yet developed a taste for soccer.

Sorry about that.