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The Wall Street Journal has a fascinating story about Toys R Us this morning, enumerating and elaborating on the ways in which mismanagement, misjudgment and miscalculations over a period of years seem to have led to the current moment - as the end-of-year holiday shipping season is about to begin, Toys R Us has a new CEO who is not planning to move to the US, a fragmented strategy, and shaking economic underpinnings.

It is a cautionary tale, and worth reading here.

BTW...Mobile takes note of one smart thing that Toys R Us is doing ... "adding a mobile component to an annual holiday toy guide that helps parents better understand what kinds of toys are suited for special needs children." The guide "includes a list of 25 mobile applications that are aimed at helping develop creative, critical thinking and fine motor skills."

Still, check out the WSJ story. It shows what happens when a company doesn't seem to know what it is, what it should do, or even who its customers are.
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