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Excellent piece this morning in the Wall Street Journal about how "food makers, including giants Kraft Foods Group Inc. and General Mills Inc., eager for any potential new sales, are trying to win over men. Research indicates men are doing a greater share of the grocery shopping and meal preparation.

"In a June survey of 900 meat-eating men ages 18 to 64, 47% were deemed 'manfluencers' by Midan Marketing LLC, a Chicago market research group focused on the meat industry. Manfluencers are responsible for at least half of the grocery shopping and meal preparation for their households.

"Food company executives hope more men shopping means new opportunities for foods some men have traditionally shied away from in this country, including yogurt and hard cider. The changes are often cosmetic: larger portions or darker color schemes instead of recipes on the backs of packages."
KC's View:
I always find these kinds of stories somewhat amusing, because I've been doing all the grocery shopping (and cooking) in my household for most of the past 30 years, and I cannot remember ever not buying a product in a store because it wasn't manly enough. (My sons used to wonder how I could buy women's sanitary products at the store without being embarrassed, and I never could understand what exactly was embarrassing about it. I had one mother, still have four sisters, and now have a wife and daughter. I stopped worrying about this stuff a long time ago ... when the day comes that I measure my masculinity by what aisles of the store that I shop, then I have bigger problems.)

But I do think that as the balance of shopping power shifts, and men take on more responsibilities (that they should've taken on to begin with), it will make sense for retailers and manufacturers to stop solely identifying customers as "she."