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Fast Company reports that 7-Eleven convenience stores are working to "reposition and rejuvenate" the brand through a new design package that it hopes will have a broader appeal. The logo has been designed, plus "7-Eleven looks like it's trying to distance itself from its unhealthy image as a purveyor of cigarettes, sugar, and grease. The new stores have an almost Whole Foods style vibe -- or, if you've ever been in Japan, Famima! -- with a layout and signage strategy that attempts to highlight healthier snacks and freshly made food over microwaveable nachos and sodas the size of a toddler's torso.

"This healthier (and, dare we say, much cleaner) focus extends itself to the overall design of the stores. Gone are the dusty, crusty red and green stripes that have been ubiquitous in 7-Elevens for decades. Instead, the new store interiors have granite flooring, white tiles, green furniture, and clearly marked stations labeled in a serif black plain font with twee, onomatopoeic signage, such as "Sip. Sip. Sip." hanging above the coffee decanters."
KC's View:
It has struck me as evident for awhile that the c-store business had to move away from its focus on tobacco, gas and beef jerky ... and you've seen a lot of that happening already with chains like Wawa and Sheetz. So it makes sense for 7-Eleven to engage in the same sort of evolution.