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Variety reports that Nielsen and Twitter "have released their first rankings of TV shows, designed to show the reach of TV-related conversation on Twitter. And one thing is immediately clear: There is practically no overlap between the most-tweeted shows on TV and the highest-rated shows."

"To be clear," the story says, "the Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings are not intended to demonstrate that a highly tweeted show means it will be correspondingly a highly viewed program. Rather, the metric is designed to show the total Twitter activity relating to specific shows, to help networks and advertisers figure out how to better use the social service to drive awareness and tune-in."

Only one show appears in both lists: "The Voice."
KC's View:
The lesson here is one that all businesses need to keep in mind ... that in a new world order, old metrics may not apply, and certainly may not be enough to figure out what is working and what is not.