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Delhaize, the Belgium-based retailer, said yesterday that Stefan Descheemaeker, its former CFO who has most recently been serving as CEO of Delhaize Europe, has resigned. No reason has been given for his departure.

The move comes just a month after Delhaize Group announced the simultaneous departure of Roland Smith, who took on the job as CEO of Delhaize America a year ago, and naming of Frans Muller to succeed Pierre-Olivier Beckers as CEO of Delhaize Group. Smith reportedly left because he did not get the top job.

The Salisbury Post reports that "Muller in a statement Monday said the company is searching for a successor for Smith. In the meantime, new Food Lion President Beth Newlands Campbell is reporting directly to the parent company in Brussels."
KC's View:
Hard to tell exactly what is going on here. It may just be the normal shifting of people in the executive suite that often happens when top leadership changes take place. Or, it could be like moving deck chairs around on the Titanic.

What makes this all so noteworthy, as I've written here before, is the fact that Delhaize for so many years seemed to have stable management and a flair for staying away from the soap opera theatrics that infect companies. And I still think that Delhaize has to be careful that its competition does not take advantage of this upheaval to make market share inroads, and to raid it for anyone with skills who does not have a contract with a non-compete clause.