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The Washington Post has a long but excellent story that essentially serves as ac case study for how and why the Graham family, which owned the paper since the Great Depression, handles - and sometimes mishandled - the seismic changes in technology and content distribution in such a way that it finally had to sell the paper to founder/CEO Jeff Bezos in order to assure the paper's continued viability and vitality.

I know I've pointed to this situation several times here on MNB, but the reason I continue to do is because I believe it is a stark and vivid reminder of what can happen when ever the best and most responsible executives misread the competitive landscape, and even, despite their often extraordinary capabilities, are unable to navigate it.

Because that's what happened at the Post. Executives knew for two decades that the world was changing, and that the Post needed to make changes with it. But that's easier said than done, even if you know what to do, and they often did not. Legacy thinking, and so-called "traditional" values (that may not be "values" at all), can get in the way of being relevant and pro-active.

It is a great piece, high instructive, and you can read it

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