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The Tampa Bay Times reports that "Walmart, in its fight to grab more grocery business in Florida, is going after one of Publix's top selling points: BOGOs. The world's largest retailer is now matching buy-one-get-one-free sales from Publix and other grocery chains at its Walmart stores in Florida ... The new BOGO-matching policy underscores the retail giant's commitment to having the lowest price in town without the hassle of sales and coupons. It also serves as a warning to regional competitors that Walmart isn't too big to fight the little guys."

The story says that "stores will keep track of BOGO deals at Publix, Winn-Dixie and other stores and give them to customers who ask at checkout ... Shoppers do not need to bring in a competitor's ad."
KC's View:
I found this paragraph from the story to be interesting...

The match guarantee squashes many shoppers' arguments that Walmart doesn't have the lowest prices if you factor in sales and weekly BOGO deals offered at other grocery chains. It applies to all Walmart stores, Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets across Florida but not other states.

Because I see it the other way. It doesn't mean that Walmart has the lowest prices ... only that it will match other chains' lower prices if you ask for the match at checkout. It isn't lower on these products, just the same, and not always.

I'm not demeaning the initiative. But let's call it what it is.