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Chicago-based Jewel-Osco reportedly "is getting rid of self-checkout lanes from some of its stores," according to a story in the , which reports that the move is related to the company's desire "to reconnect personally with all of its customers despite the higher costs the shift entails."

The story notes that "theft is also a concern driving some grocers away the unmanned checkouts, as are hassles such as liquor and other purchases that require an employee to step in."

The chain, owned since March by an investment consortium headed up by Cerberus Capital Management, is not saying how many of its stores eventually will be affected by the policy shift.
KC's View:
Not to doubt the idea that Jewel-Osco wants to get friendlier with its shoppers, but I wonder if the installations being pulled from stores have so much mileage on them that they are not worth fixing, and the company doesn't want to spend money replacing them.