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• Team Oracle USA won the final race yesterday to bring home sailing's America's Cup ... a remarkable feat, considering that last week, the American team was down 8-1 to Team New Zealand.

The writes that "in the end, Oracle won by 44 seconds. The team had come a long way since crashing its first boat, struggling with foiling and being penalized two race points and losing key team members after a rules violation."

Team USA's captain, Jimmy Spithill, said that "a lesser team would have folded, but his team became stronger."

• In Major League Baseball, the Detroit Tigers defeated the Minnesota Twins 1-0 to clinch the American League Central Division title for the third straight year.

The Boston Red Sox and the Oakland Athletics already had clinched the AL East and West division titles, respectively. All that remains to be decided in the American League is which two teams will be the wild cards - at the moment, it is between the Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Indians, Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals.

In the National League, the Atlanta Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers have clinched the titles in the NL East and West divisions. Three teams in the NL Central - the St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds are all vying to see which one will win the NL Central and which two will be wild cards.
KC's View:
I got a few emails the other day from Pittsburgh Pirates fans who wondered why I had not taken note of the Pirates clinching a playoff berth for the first time in more than two decades.

I suppose it was my old fashioned way of looking at things. I sort of don't approve of the wild card system, so I ignored the clinching of a spot. Win the division, or at least have something nailed down, and I'll take note.

Though I'll grant you that the Pirates and their fans have something to celebrate.

And yes, to those who asked, I've been to PNC Park. Took my son there a few years ago on one of our road trips. We loved it. Might even make my top-10 stadiums list, which I'll post as soon as I go to the four that I've missed so far - in Houston, Miami, Tampa and the Bronx.