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Hi, I'm Kevin Coupe and this is FaceTime with the Content Guy.

There was a story on the BBC the other day about a new food trend that seems to have taken root in Greece, and is expected to be exported to London in the near future.

It is called "Cookisto," and it is an online community of local cooks in Athens who, when they make too much food for that evening's dinner, can post descriptions of what they've made and sell portions to local residents who may want a home-cooked meal but don't have the time, ability or inclination to make it themselves.

According to the story, "the site has attracted 12,000 cooks in Athens in the last few months. What began as a master's degree thesis ... has now become a reality in crisis-stricken Greece, and is due to launch in London next month."

The Greek site (in English) can be seen here.

The UK site can be seen here.

The story goes on to quote innovation consultant Rachel Botsman as saying that this is part of the "'revolution' of collaborative consumption, or the sharing economy. Since the global financial meltdown, 'people have reverted to old market behaviours that involve trust - swapping, sharing, renting, bartering'."

In Greece, people who have used the Cookisto system say it isn't about the money they can make selling meals or save by purchasing them at reasonable prices, but about establishing a greater sense of community.

Which is a really interesting notion, because that's what really good stores do. You don't just feel like a shopper when you're there, but part of something bigger and even more important. It is about connections, not disconnections. It is about coming together, which in a country like Greece that has seen its economy ravaged over the past few years, is increasingly important.

It will be interesting to see if there are any differences between how Cookisto has been received in Greece and how it will be accepted in London, since I think it is fair to say that Greeks are generally seen as better cooks that the British.

I've only been to Greece once, but it was a wonderful few days. (The story, which has to do with what Greeks do after work and a 25-course meal, is available only on the video version.)

Anyway, Cookisto is what is on my mind this Thursday morning, and I think it has the potential of being a big idea.

As always, I want to hear what is on your mind.

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