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Bloomberg Businessweek that yesterday in Miami, US District Judge Robert N. Scola dismissed "class-action claims in a regional gender discrimination lawsuit filed by women who were formerly part of a nationwide lawsuit against the world’s largest retailer," saying that "governing law in the appellate circuit in which his court is located prohibits the filing of a second class action if the time to do so expired while the prior case was pending."

The case was filed last year after the US Supreme Court ruled that a national class action gender discrimination suit against Walmart did not rise to the level of being a class action. Since then, more localized suits have been filed against Walmart on the same grounds, but it appears that none of them have yet been successful.
KC's View:
I'm not a lawyer, so I have no real idea, but this all sounds perfectly legal to me. Not sure it sounds like justice, but that, apparently, is a different issue, as issues of technicalities and timing prevent from the case from actually being heard.