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CNBC has a story about a new study from WSL Strategic Retail saying that "63 percent of men say they actively look for sales in stores and a little more than half admit to regularly using coupons. Millennial and Gen X men are driving this trend, the survey of 740 male and 780 female shoppers found.

"Although both sets are exhibiting signs of being shaky consumers, a higher percentage of men than women say their financial situation improved over the past year and more men also expect it to improve more over the next year."

While the men's fashion business is much smaller than the equivalent women's business, it also has been growing faster in recent years. In order to nurture the men's side of the business, the study suggests, retailer need "to make shopping more efficient so guys don't feel like the experience is tedious.

"Having readily available staff helps. More men than women ask for assistance from a sales associate, according to WSL's findings—shattering the myth that men don't ask for directions (or at least they do in the retail arena)."
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