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by Kevin Coupe

So here's something I didn't know. (It is part of a long list, actually. This is just something new that I didn't know.)

The Daily Texan reports that there are more breakfast Taco establishments in Austin, Texas, - 370 of them, to be precise - than there are Starbucks in Manhattan.

The local interest in breakfast tacos is enough that two self-described "taco journalists" named Armando Rayo and Jarod Neece have moved from a blog to a printed book that offers both the cultural history behind breakfast tacos to recipes. Last weekend, they appeared at one of HEB's Central Market Cooking Schools for the first ever Austin Breakfast Taco Demonstration.

"The selective list of 'Austin’s Best Breakfast Tacos' is the most intriguing part of the book," the story says. "Twenty-four eateries are profiled, each one offers up at least one recipe for taco enthusiasts. Even Juan Meza from Juan In A Million spills the beans about Austin’s most famous taco, the Don Juan. Familiar names like Tamale House, Tacodeli and Torchy’s Tacos are also inside."

But the lesson here goes beyond breakfast tacos. The breakfast taco craze in Austin shows what can happen when you pay attention to the culture, and how, these days, a little attention in a blog that grow into something more significant.

Attention must be paid.

As for me, I've heard of breakfast burritos, but never a breakfast taco. This has been an Eye-Opener. I'm already looking forward to finding an excuse to go down to Austin...
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