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Bloomberg reports that Staples and RadioShack has removed Amazon Lockers from their stores after a one-year test.

The retailers installed the lockers about a year ago as a way for Amazon customers to pick up products ordered online that they did not want delivered to their home or offices. The hope was that these Amazon customers would do additional shopping when coming to pick up their purchases from the lockers, but apparently this did not end up being the case. Meanwhile, as Amazon has continued to grow and expand into new categories and expand its footprint in various categories, Staples and RadioShack decided that making it easier to buy from Amazon was not in their best interests.

Amazon continues to have locker installations in 7-Eleven stores and various other locations, such as public garages.
KC's View:
I think the test was a good idea, and I fully approve of Staples and RadioShack playing competitive hardball - it never makes sense to help the competition.

That said, I continue to believe that if Amazon wants to have a nationwide network of locker installations, it ought to go visit the US Postal Service, which has offices all over the country and would be a terrific partner. Hell, the USPS ought to visit Amazon's headquarters and get down on its institutional knees and beg for an audience.