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This is why Blockbuster is almost irrelevant these days. Not to mention why traditional venues - such as TV networks - are struggling to remain a factor in the minds of viewers.

USA Today reports that The Nielsen Co. is out with a measurement of how it believes consumer consumption of entertainment programming has changed.

According to the report, "38% of Americans 'use or subscribe' to Netflix, up from 31% last year," while "18% use Hulu, up from 12% last year, with 12% saying they use the free version and 6% using the subscription-based Hulu Plus." And, "13% said they use Amazon Prime Instant Video, nearly double the 7% who said so last year."

In addition, "The study also found 88% of Netflix users reported watching three or more episodes of a TV show in a single day, and 45% said they watch original series on streaming services, such as Netflix's Emmy-nominated House of Cards.

"Among Netflix users, 48% watch on a computer screen (up from 44% last year); 23% watch on a smartphone (up from 11%); 15% watch on their iPad, way up from 5% last year."
KC's View:
The lesson here for every marketer is that to a great degree, the traditional TV networks and Blockbuster didn't see these changes coming. The networks are trying to adapt, while Blockbuster was turning irrelevant almost, it seemed, overnight.

No marketer can make the mistake of being so blind and/or tone deaf that they don't adapt to changing consumer habits.