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The Chicago Tribune reports that Fox & Obel, a gourmet grocer operating in the city's Streeterville area, has filed for bankruptcy protection, saying it has assets of less than $1 million and debts between $1 million and $10 million, plus for than 100 creditors. The store remains open.

Earlier this summer, Fox & Obel was shut down by health inspectors after a food poisoning incident led to an inspection that revealed a laundry list of serious problems, including, as Crain's Chicago Business reported, "more than 200 fruit flies in a food prep area, a cockroach sighting and failure to keep foods including sausages, eggs, hamburgers and chicken salad at sufficiently low temperatures, both in the deli displays and in coolers used during food preparation ... In a failed inspection last November, the inspector noted two live cockroaches in the coffee area and restaurant's food storage room, as well as 'tens of dead ones'."

When the store reopened, the store manager was quoted as saying that the problem, all "minor," had been corrected.
KC's View:

Somehow, it is not surprising that one of the creditors demanding to be paid is a pest control company.

This retailer has failed six health inspections in three years. They hurt the reputation of the food retailing business in general, and they ought to do everybody a favor and just shut down, shut up, and go away.